Lomi Lomi Nui massage course

Individual study, two levels of Kino Mana I and II in one course.

Give yourself permission for a Miracle. Body, Mind, Soul feel to be used during the transforming Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage. If you feel that you will learn to work with the body, I invite you to an individual course, two Kino Mana modules I and II. For more detailed information, please call:
+48 531 591 299

Price 3 000 PLN

When you do something straight from your heart, according to the voice of your soul, you feel the whirl of the river flowing inside you, you feel the joy in you.

Sound theraphy

The traditions of the therapeutic use of sound date back to ancient times. Contemporary scientific research shows how the sounds of certain instruments, coming into resonance with our organs, have a positive effect on their functioning.

The therapeutic program of the workshops is based on the Klik method from the Peter Hess Institute. The workshops are aimed at young people and children aged 3 to 15 years.

Feel free to contact kindergartens and schools, individual pricing.

Cyclical concerts for bowls and Tam Tam gong

If you want and need to stimulate your cells to life, calm your mind and give rest to running thoughts, soothe your soul, wrap yourself in sound, then I invite you to magic gong concerts.

I invite you for a bath in sounds, with the use of bowls, gongs, angel bells and other instruments harmonize the Body & Mind & Soul. Sound relieves tension, relieves anxiety and calms down. The sounds of gongs and bowls have a very good effect on the needs of our body. Some components of the sound – tones with very similar frequencies and amplitudes, overlap during decay, creating overtones. They are especially valuable because they correspond to the body’s work rhythms. They are the quintessence of sounds.

It is possible to play a concert in a place and space of your choice. Offer for hotels and Spas in the Tri-City PLN 500 / h, further locations, individual pricing.

Take warm clothes, socks, a sleeping bag or blanket, and drinking water with you ?