Transformative meditation

Lomi Lomi Nui

Lomi Lomi Nui…
That is a massage that awakens the soul.

It is a method of working with the body originating in Hawaii, widely recognized as a deeply healing form of massage. This tradition dates back hundreds of years and was passed down from generation to generation. In the old days, massage was an integral part of the island culture and an integral part of everyday life. Many forms of lomi lomi have developed, the one with which we can most often meet in Poland is lomi lomi nui, or temple massage. This massage covers the whole body (except for the intimate spheres) and is performed mainly with the forearms. Long and smooth movements make the massaged person experience deep relaxation. The muscles around the body’s major joints are stretched, greatly improving the range of motion.

Loosely translated, lomi lomi is a massage with a soft paw of a relaxed cat. Pleasure is an essential element in restoring health and natural harmony. When we experience it, the body relaxes, releases tension, energy flows much more freely through the body. Therefore, a pleasant, respectful touch is the basis of this art. By relaxing the body, we indirectly influence the brain and neuronal connections. The feeling of relaxation in the body means that we can take a greater distance from many things. Therefore, this massage can be a great way to broaden the horizons of our awareness.

Those for whom self-contact is important know well that it is difficult to hear yourself under stress and in a hurry. During the lomi lomi nui ritual, a space is created, thanks to which you can listen to the whisper of your soul and consult your intuition.
It is a very effective method of working with the body, with which you can deal with chronic back pain, muscle aches, migraine headaches caused by prolonged stress or severe experiences. Deep relaxation unblocks negative emotions that are “remembered” by our muscles by making them tense. The restoration of our body awareness through the relaxation state (Alpha state) achieved thanks to Lomi allows us to get rid of many physical and mental limitations.

Price for session 350 PLN | 2,5h

Soundtheraphy by Peter Hess method

Sound therapy with certified bowls according to the method of German physicist Peter Hess. Sound massage method is based on many years of research on the influence of sound waves on the human body. The therapy uses special instruments with multi-tone, beautiful and soft sound of sound bowls and Tam Tam Gong. The sound of the bowl moves our interior, introduces the soul into vibration. The sound flows through the body, gently massaging it and cleaning the energy channels of the body.

Everyday stress associated with almost all areas of our lives, destroys the inner harmony of  human being. By sound vibration massage we can achieve a state of relaxation. The worries, blockages and uncertainty accumulated in everyday stress are removed. Special techniques for extracting sounds from Tibetan bells and bowls placed on the body create soft vibrations, massage  gently and relax the body outside and inside. It is also a good alternative for people who do not accept intensive touch. It helps to remove muscle tension, energy blockages, facilitates recognition and fears overcoming. Sound massage reaches the depths of our interior.

The sound of Tam Tam Gong eliminates tension in the back and neck, removes headaches, regulates metabolism, releases from abdominal cramps, calms and deepens breathing, improves the ability to concentrate.
The sound and vibrations released by the bowl are related to health. Some theories of alternative medicine associate good health with maintaining internal balance. The bowls are used for such alternative therapy, bringing harmony and balance, affecting both hemispheres of the brain. This theory has also scientific support.

Price for session 150 PLN | 1h