Lotos Studio Holistic Therapies

If you feel the need for change, you are looking for rest, peace and harmony,
give yourself permission to discover a magical place in Gdańsk Oliwa.
The studio is based on knowledge and science.


I invite you to my safe space to heal my Body, Mind and Soul. I help to see everything that needs repair and overwork. In a safe space, full of acceptance and love, you can experience the healing Lomi Lomi Nui massage and the sound of the Tam Tam gong that will help you on a transforming journey to yourself.

Therapeutic massage sessions are your way, full of love for your inner child, working on the subconscious and working through fears, traumas, programs and family codes carried in cellular memory. I am only a signpost to help you open the right door. If you come to terms with your inner self, then the outer will sort itself out. Primary reality is inside, and external is secondary to it.

Terapie holistyczne

Those for whom self-contact is important know well that it is difficult to hear yourself under stress and in a hurry. During the lomi lomi nui ritual, a space is created, thanks to which you can listen to the whisper of your soul and consult your intuition.

Szkolenia i warsztaty

Give yourself permission for a Miracle. Body, Mind, Soul feel to be used during the transforming Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage. If you feel that you will learn to work with the body, I invite you to an individual course, two KinoMana modules I and II. 

Fully Live Here and Now.