Our knowledge begins with what we feel.

About me

Welcome to my Touch and Sound Therapy Studio. My name is Kinga Dominika Nowak. I am
therapist, instructor of conscious work with the body, soul healer, expert and holistic practitioner.

He helps people on the transformative path to Himself. If there is a path intended only for you, remember that it is inside your pure heart ?
I help people discover that Love is not what you want, it is what YOU ARE. You start love with yourself, when you really fully accept and love yourself as a whole, holistically, because to love yourself is to accept all your actions, to have confidence in your abilities

I specialize in sound therapies using sound bowls and Tam Tam gongs, wind gongs, and Koshi bells. I am a teacher of Hawaiian body work with Lomi Lomi Nui.

During therapeutic sessions, I use modern elements of psychological knowledge, numerology, work with the family and elements of total biology. I care for your Body, Mind and Soul so that they create a harmonious whole. After my therapy sessions you will feel a surge of New Energy to Life.

I graduated, among others, in the fields of social rehabilitation, oligophrenopedagogy and management. I study Chinese medicine, specializing in phytotherapy. I am a teacher of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage in accordance with the Aloha International program in Hawaii, a sound therapist according to Peter Hess’s method and a therapist with MEN authorization of oriental Spa & Wellness massages. In my spare time, I dance, paint, meditate and listen to classical music. Travel is my passion.